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About Us

We envision our planet to be one big global local community. We envision each individual to be a global citizen. The way we do it is by appreciating the linguistic differences and provide solutions to address language barriers. We just happen to be a great language solutions company, one word at a time.


Language Training

Maposer India Pvt Ltd provides language training in multiple languages with customised packages , individual attention and flexibility. With the end goal of the student in mind, classes are designed to ensure and enhance learning skills and make the learning process more effective. Following the official language framework, training is provided from the basic to advanced to proficient level.



With international business and personal relations growing at a rapid pace, we offer top-notch translation services breaking the barrier in today's globalized world. 


- Professional translations in languages including but not limited to Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, etc . 

- We undertake translation of technical, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, commercial, economic, literary documents, visa documents, police clearance certificates, etc as well as book and movies

- All our translations follow the approach of project review, glossary creation, translation, formatting, proof reading and delivery.


We provide professional assistance of experienced interpreters who facilitate effective communication between multicultural clients who require language experts. We also provide trained guides for tours, events, business meetings, trade fairs, conferences, teleconferences, film shoots across India. 


This method of interpretation is usually popular for official visits, audits, small meetings etc. A cost effective approach, it involves pausing of the speaker allowing the interpreter to translate and communicate the content before continuing.


It involves real time interpretation with the interpreter translating the content as it is being said. One of the most challenging forms of interpretation, it is usually required for large conferences, that require immediate translation of languages.

Keeping in mind the geographical constraints as well as short notice period of certain projects, we also provide interpretation services via tele conference or video conference to minimize the communication gap and enable smooth functionality.

Staffing/ HR Allocations

Maposer India provides assistance in placement in the form of contractual or permanent placement of resources as well as assistance in hiring. 


Placement - With the large demand of language specialists in all sizes of business, we offer a time-efficient solution by offering placement services rather than training permanent personnel. Our recruitment team sources the most suitable candidates through thorough screening and evaluation procedures best suited to the client requirements. Placements are made both on contractual as well as permanent basis. 


Personnel recruitment and training - For clients requiring in house language specialists, we assist the clients in recruitment and screening processes as well as providing any skill enhancement training required by the client on regular or periodic basis


Other Services

Audio Video Transcriptions, Subtitling, Dubbing

Maposer India provides complete localisation services for your global communication needs across various business areas such as E-learning and training videos, promotional videos, commercials, sales presentations, seminars, entertainment and infotainment programs, games and other material.


Audio Video Transcriptions - A process of essentially converting speech into text, both audio and video, transcription services are an indispensable part of conferences, training and seminars. Our transcription services further facilitate translation of transcribed text into different languages, sub titling in same or different languages or even dubbing in same or different languages which can be used across different target groups and markets.


Subtitling - Translation of dialogues from source language to the target language timed to match the dialogue and screen, we render subtitling services in multiple languages with trained subtitling experts to convey appropriate meaning to the viewers along with accurate nuances. 


Dubbing and Voice overs -  As dubbing and voice over more closely reflects the experience of the original production, we place a great deal of attention on process, personnel, technology and experience. Our dubbing voice over projects are catered by professionals and fluent speakers of target language to avoid imbalance and deliver flawless quality



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